Square and compass on the Sacred Book

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Square and compass on the Sacred Book lapel pin, 24 kt. gold, dimension 10 mm.

The term 'Sacred Book' in Freemasonry refers to a religious textbook considered sacred and venerated within the lodge. This book may vary depending on the religion or tradition followed by the lodge in question.

In Christian Freemasonry, for example, the Holy Book is the Bible. In Masonic lodges of other religious traditions, such as Judaism or Islam, the Holy Book may be the Torah or the Koran, respectively.

The Holy Book is placed on the altar of the lodge during ceremonies and represents a symbol of faith, spirituality and wisdom. It is considered a point of reference for Masons during their reflections and meditations, and is used as a source of inspiration to promote moral and ethical values within the lodge.

However, it is important to emphasise that Freemasonry does not impose a specific religion or belief on its members. The Holy Book is respected as a symbol of spirituality and a reminder of the importance of personal faith, but each Freemason is free to interpret it according to his own religious or philosophical conviction.

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