Acacia Lapel pin

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Acacia Lapel pin, 13 mm hign.

In the legend of Hiram, the symbol of the acacia branch plays a significant role. According to Masonic tradition, Hiram Abif, a skilled architect and master builder of the Temple of Solomon, was brutally killed by three apprentices who sought to obtain the secrets of his craft.

After his death, Hiram's body was buried in a secret tomb, but his burial site was later discovered by Solomon, the King of Israel. During the search, Solomon noticed an acacia branch growing on Hiram's tomb, symbolizing life and rebirth.

The acacia branch thus became a symbol of immortality and hope in Masonic tradition. It represents the continuity of life beyond death and the promise of a better future. The symbolism of the acacia branch in the legend of Hiram underscores the importance of wisdom, knowledge, and the pursuit of truth in the life of a Master Mason.

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