Fumigation for Funerary ritual


Set for fumigation of the temple in FUNERARY RITUAL.

Instructions to carry out proper fumigation temple included.


an incense burner or a glass or ceramic dish
coarse salt
the preparation of incense combined for grade
a charcoal
ask a layer of salt on the saucer
with tweezers take the charcoal and turn it on, it must be very glowing
laying charcoal on salt
put two or three grains of incense at the center of the charcoal (use the mix of the degree)
proceed to static fumigation or the temple dynamic

Meaning Alchemy and Ritual of the ingredients, incense and resins.
The salt from the alchemical point of view is the material substrate. It symbolizes the fixity and permanence of the earth as element of balance, harmonic stabilizer between Sun and Moon.

In The Grade: We must vivify the rational-intellectual plane; therefore, the preparation is composed of a resin of Air or Mercurial and, then the mastic in the proper proportions.

In Grade II: We must vivify the soul-emotional level; therefore, the preparation is composed of a resin of Water or Lunar, and then the Mirra in due proportions.

In Grade III: we must revive the spiritual-intuitional plane; therefore, the preparation is composed of a resin of the Earth or Satumiana and, therefore storax in due proportions.

Lastly, in initiations, we must revive the spirituality and the fiery character, positive of our institution; therefore, the preparation is composed of a resin and fire Gioviana as the Benzoin.

Notes on the fumigation of the Masonic Temple.
[Scent means "it takes to produce smoke" and all the great traditions in their initiatory and religious aspects ( "religio" means to bind, join the new "heaven and earth", that is, matter and spirit) speak of sacrifices by fire, of fumigations carried out by elements of the animal world and then the plant world. There have been so handed down classic analog distinctions, according to which: the chthonic energies, materials of the Earth element are dedicated fires made with roots; those soul-and emotional element Water devote fires of sprouts and flowers; spiritual element to the air, the leaves fires; to those "divine" and solar the Fire finally dedicating the fire burns where the resin, that is, the sap, the blood of plants.
The scents of work bricklayers are only resins from burning of charcoal in glass, ceramic or earthenware (the latter reminds us of the man of clay "baked" in the oven called "athanor" analogically linked to the Temple). The resins, far from us recall atmospheres from parishes, synagogues, temples or devotional cemeteries, they must be considered as facilitation of achieving specific states of consciousness:
rational in Grade I, Grade II in soul-emotional, spiritual-mental in Grade III.
Before the start of work, the M Ven. M. indicates to the Cerim. the mixture of resins, predominantly based on pure frankincense (type "plibanum", linked to the element Fire and the Sun), to be used in the various grades and specifications for ceremonies. "] by www.massoneria.store

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