Gavel lapel pin

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Elegant lapel pin, gold and amber. 13 mm.

The Master's Gavel is a symbol of great importance in Freemasonry. This object, often made of wood or metal, represents the authority and responsibility of the Worshipful Master within the lodge.

The Worshipful Master uses the Gavel during lodge meetings to guide the proceedings and maintain order. By its use, the Worshipful Master draws the attention of the members and indicates the moment to begin or conclude an action.

The Master's Gavel also represents the moral and spiritual authority of the Master within the lodge. It symbolizes their responsibility to guide the members on the path of knowledge and wisdom.

In summary, the Master's Gavel is a symbol of authority, responsibility, and guidance within the Masonic lodge. It represents the strength, precision, and moral authority of the Worshipful Master in conducting the proceedings and leading the members on the path of enlightenment.

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